Wrinkle Wrinkle little star…

As I age, I start to see my mom in my face. It used to scare me but now I feel that I’m moving into that wise woman that she is. I sometimes hesitate saying “I’m almost 42 years old (young)…” And then I feel honored to have made it this far, and to be here living and loving my life (not always, but a good chunk of it). I wasn’t going to post this picture, because when I looked at it first, I focused on these new lines in my face. I will be honest, the wrinkles are hard to accept when I focus on them but they soften into “lines of appreciation” as I breathe into the truth of who I am. Underneath these lines, body changes and white hairs Popping through my head, I remember I am a glowing being! I wish us all to (more than accept) EMBRACE our beauty, our aging and see it as our expansion. Can you see this for yourself?



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