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Hemalayaa + DTO: Turn It Up! YOGA ~ DANCE ~ LIVE MUSIC

 San Diego’s yoga music rock star — Dave Kemp aka DTO of Buddha Music Group — along with transformational facilitator Hemalayaa – are being featured by FOX 5’s lifestyles reporter Tabitha Lipkin on Aug. 15 for four live morning news segments (6:45, 7:30, 8:30, 9) at popular conscious eatery and event space EVE Encinitas (575 S. Coast Hwy. 101).

“We are excited to bring live yoga music and Hemalayaa’s transformational yoga class yet again to mainstream TV so the San Diego Yoga community can be a powerful channel for positive change and vibrations,” says DTO. “Truly, listening to music live while doing yoga creates a deeper spiritual connection, inspiration, and creativity,” he adds.


DTO, Hemalayaa, Buddha Music Group and EVE Encinitas invite San Diego yoginis to participate by receiving one complimentary Turn It Up! ticket (6-9 a.m. on Aug. 15), coffee, food, drinks and other yoga-minded goodies. Pre-registration is required and all participants must sign a media disclaimer.

To register, visit: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/dto-hemalayaa-turn-it-up-fox-morning-news-live-4-tv-spots-tickets-36732508923

For more event details including arrival instructions, segment schedule and what to wear for “glowing” yoga, visit DTO + Hemalayaa: Turn It Up! FOX 5 Morning TV Spot on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/840595749428414/

CBS News 8 – San Diego, CA News Station – KFMB Channel 8

Next events!  DTO + Hemalayaa: Turn It Up! YOGA ~ DANCE ~ LIVE MUSIC

When: Aug. 19, 7-9pm
Location: The Soul of Yoga
Sign up here: facebook.com/events/685864161598452

Bhakti Fest
Joshua Tree Retreat Center
Sept 7th – 10th
When: Sept. 7-10
Bhakti Fest 2017 –
Location: Joshua Tree, CA.
✅ Thur 9/7 from 2pm – 3:30pm
✅ Friday 9/8 from­­­­­­­­­ 4pm – 5:30pm
✅ Sat 9/9 from 5pm – 6:30pm
Sign up here: https://www.facebook.com/events/133367063920365



Hemalayaa + DTO: Turn It Up!
YOGA ~ DANCE ~ LIVE MUSICHemalayaa + DTO- Turn It Up! Postcard - Front

Experience yoga, dance and live music together for vibrational upleveling, optimal health and spiritual connection with yogi musician and music producer DTO of Buddha Music Group and internationally-renowned yoga teacher, dancer entertainer and soul-inspirer Hemalayaa!image2

This class is inspiring, fun and opens up your creative center to a deeper spiritual experience of life. Hemalayaa incorporates dynamic postures, mystical mantras and breath-work that are integrated along with dance and a ‘Temper Tantra-um’ to remove mental-emotional patterns that create obstacles in our lives.




Attend one of the events on the 2017 tour or contact us to schedule your own!

Lightning in a Bottle May 27-28 register here
The Grateful Yogi June 8th Register here
Beach Club Yoga Series June 17 register here
Soul of Yoga June 17th register here
Enlightened Women Lifestyle Retreat July 2-7 register here
EMBODY – A women’s Day at Wanderlust Hollywood Sept 30th
Bhakti Fest September 7-10 register here


Turn it Up! Testimonials

Such an amazing class Hemalayaa and DTO!!! Thanks – Adam Paige

I love your energy and what you and Hemalayaa are creating. I have heard fantastic things about Turn It Up! – Jennica Mills

You guys perform SO well together it’s a really neat thing whatever you guys are doing keep it up! You create this special soul party and I’ve seen all these beautiful strangers just open free like butterflies right in front of my eyes letting their guards down and they are like the real innocent beautiful authentic them. Thank you for being so authentic. It TRULY makes a difference especially in yoga and spiritual scenes and it makes you stand out. Xoxox – Lorie Stevens

Epic class! Thank you Hemalayaa + DTO for everlasting memories! – Larissa M. Miller, owner of Pi Yoga Pants

“I screamed so loud, I blew a fuse in my brain, burst into tears, and almost fainted, in a split second. Best headache ever!!!…Then, came back for round #2. Yesss!!!” Thank you 💕 I’m still so peacefully high right now, while packing to leave for Japan on Saturday. ✨😬✨I look forward to dropping in more and sharing my experience soon. I’m taking your soundtrack with me on my Tokyo adventures!!!😻😻😻Thank you again! Witnessing you in this moment in time was a treasure! 💕✨I can’t wait to go to more with you…LIB? Wanderlust? Bhakti? Not sure which yet, but I’m on the OM train!!! 💟🙌🏻💟. – Brandi McMillan

A unique and clearing experience at Shaktifest. Thank you for facilitating this class, and for bringing your love and joy to all of us. – Nish Fox

Sending love to you sister ! So grateful to have met you during Shakti. You helped bring me to another level and shed a lot more bullshit that I didn’t need to hold onto anymore! Would love to see you in Vegas soon. ✨❤🙏🕉😘  – Erica Noelani Lytle
It was a pleasure to met you and Hemalayaa. I really enjoyed the class with both of you! – Michele Roth✨🙏🏼☮💜🕉🙏🏼✨

LIB 2017

“Man that class was incredible. Was very powerful for My friend and I and Hemalayaa and you both have very groovy energy. Thank you and Peace and Love.” ~ Yatri

“Hi Hemalayaa and team! Great to hear from you and auspicious timing:) your text came through right as I arrived in southern CA for the week! I have been listening to DTO’s CD during my journey he past couple days and love it 🙂 salud”

“I took your class on sunday at LIB and wanted to thank you so much.  Nothing will ever be the same. Your energy inspired me to always be better and act upon it❤️ your energy radiates in me”