Travel Tips for Health and Wellbeing

My life is about travel. I like to title myself as a “traveling yogini. I offer my gifts to the world. I love when I get there, tadalafil but the journey can be exhausting: the planes, malady the packing, being surrounded by people.

My answer to how to take care of myself while on the road: SELF CARE!

Self-care is the key remedy through all the wonderful “everythings” that life offers. We can be constantly challenged if we don’t take those moments to care for ourselves.

Here are my suggested self-care tips for travel:

1. Oiling the body: According to Ayurveda, the Indian Science of Life, nourishing the body with warm oils is a way to counteract the dryness that travel can cause. I do it the traditional way where I warm up the oil slightly, apply generously to my entire body, massaging as I apply, then I take a warm shower without soaping the oil off. It penetrates through the warm water…and then I gently dry off with towel (Hint: “dab” your body with the towel). No lotions needed. Optional: Loofah, or dry brush the skin before applying oil, and leave oil on your body for 15 – 20 min before showering.

2. Drink warm water throughout your travels. I take my travel mug with me and ask Starbucks for hot water. I keep refilling on the plane. Sometimes I will add an herbal tea that smells and tastes yummy. Most important is to have that nourishing warm water to warm the body to combat the coldness or windy elements that travel can cause.

3. Taking a bath with Epsom salts. This is what I do almost immediately upon arrival to my destination lodging. I take a hot bath with 2-3 cups of Epsom salts dissolved in it. This pulls out toxins and deeply hydrates the body. Drink a lot of water as well.

4.  Take time for yourself. Sit down and begin by breathing for about 10-20 slow breaths. I bring a travel altar with me to sit with and I take a few moments to be with myself in this new location. It’s simple, but very powerful, and allows your thoughts and body to become integrated. Peace emerges from this simple practice.

These are just a few things that I do as I travel to be in my full health and well being. I organize all that I need for these practices ahead of time. I always feel happier and more aware for events, meetings and sessions by doing these practices.