Transitions, Trials and Truth!

tips2I can’t believe its been over a year since I wrote this column. I’m not really sure what happened except the extended on-the-road-procrastination that can occur, and it did. And, obviously, yes, it happens to me too.
I have just come “off the road” after being on it for a year straight. I gave up my home last year in search for another place to reside, and as I traveled from beautiful place to gorgeous setting, it took me further away from knowing where that place was. The instability of not having a home caused such un-grounding that the answers or clarity was just not coming to me. Until the vision of coming back to LA popped in my dreams. “What?!” I was stunned by this, because I was “ready to leave LA”. So, I ignored the dreams/visions! And, ignored twice more until I finally gave in and listened to my inner guidance about it. I wasn’t exactly sure why, but I knew I had to come back. Sounds woo-woo, but I felt that Los Angeles was calling me back in for the change I desired. It wasn’t ‘leaving LA’ that I needed, it was creating stability and grounding in a new way here. It is time to stop “leaving” in fact. Always ‘leaving’ has an interesting correlation to “running away”.

I realized that because I’ve always been on the go, teaching here and there, I had no time to be in deep relationships, be vulnerable, and build my business in the way I really wanted to. Of course, home is here, in my body, my temple, but I was looking for “another place to go” because I was uncomfortable, antsy, eager for change.

In the past, I thought I needed to say “yes” to everything. Saying “yes” is great but it can also pull you in many directions. So, I’ve started my year with saying “no” to some things and creating the intentions to stay home, nest, build my business in a new way, connect deeply with community globally and here at home. I’m really grateful for the tools I have learned over the past two decades for moving through big changes and nurturing myself along the way. Yes, I believe I can have it all, we all can!

I’m really passionate about this time of change for many of us who are ready to choose truth and step their game up to the next level and play full out. If you’re interested in my guidance to be brilliantly sharing your gifts, move through fears, and courageously walk – no, fly, forward in your chosen path, I am taking on a few clients. More info on that? Contact me directly at

I love you and see you.

“Hemalayaa Behl is one of the most gifted communicators I have met in a long time. I highly recommend her for Lifestyle Counseling or any category of personal growth or fitness. “

Larry Payne Ph.D., E-RYT500, YTRX
Founder Samata International Yoga & Health Institute
Co-author Yoga For Dummies, Yoga Rx and Yoga Therapy & Integrative Medicine
Larry Payne Ph.D. Larry Payne Ph.D. at Loyola Marymount University