The Love of my Life is Here…

self-carephotohuggingteachingIt’s taken me 22 years of learning, growing, transforming, letting go, accepting, embracing, welcoming the love of my life…I’ve been chasing something(s) that were out of my control, like a hamster on a wheel. When I was a little girl, I had pet hamsters and just loved these little furry creatures. They had it made, in my eyes, living in this cage where they were fed, loved and cared for. That’s all I wanted in life, I just took the long path of getting there. Because I had to be “healed”, “loved”, “feel like I was ENOUGH”, and “be perfect”…I kept running and running…I have been endlessly run on this wheel without anywhere to go, except for home to myself and source. I see myself and our human race as that hamster – running and running trying to get somewhere and wondering why the heck we’re not getting there. It’s similar to the way we chase after our own perfection, our “healed” self, our most perfect self. What is that? Is that real? YES, but it’s here already.
One of the most important things I’ve learned, and now teach, is that we must ‘Release the Mindset’ that gets in our way because it’s stopping us from having a powerful spiritual connection. Releasing the Mindset, shifts the negativity into creativity, and loosens the inner blocks to make way for us to see clearly and be in our highest state of being.
I just did an interview this morning with Loralee Humphreys (who has created a free summit coming up called ‘Nourishing Essentials’) about this exact subject. In the interview today, I shared about ‘Releasing the Mindset’ so that we can be in our unique spiritual connection. I also shared the RRRR’s of transformation that I will guide us through in my upcoming course “Enlightened Women ~ Leadership Program”. This program is a culmination of my 22 years of healing, growing, learning and coming into the Love of my Life, which is essentially, source/God/Universe connection. I share some valuable exercises with you in this podcast interview.

Have a listen HERE

Let me know what your experience has been with “finding yourself” and running on the “hamster wheel”…you can post your comments here.
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