BollyBlast has arisen! My new TV show!

I’ve had dreams of this moment, and it’s happening right now. I am going to be hosting my own show. You know when you’ve wanted something in the past, and it was too far off that you just forgot about it, and fully let it go…? Well, this was one of those things. at some point (abstractly) I thought ‘I’d like to host my own TV show one day’ – thought of being like Oprah (of the fitness/health world). I know Oprah is Oprah and I can’t (and don’t need to) compete or be anything that I’m not.

I am very excited for the show, and a little nervous. Its a Dance fitness show, and i’m going to be leading two back up dancers with me.  It is going to be interesting relating my teachings/practices onto TV. Festivals, new-agers and yogi’s “get me/it.” BUT will television “get me/it”?? That’s the big question.

OK, so now I’ve got the job, papers and contracts are signed. Exciting…

But is it?

I feel anxious as I write the scripts now, and am afraid to show this on camera for all to see. What if it’s crazy and I make a complete fool out of myself?!
Creatively, I was flowing for the past week and now am having a few doubts pop up in my mind about “going for it” the way I do in my workshops and classes…is the main stream ready for my wacky ways? I guess I won’t know unless I go for it. That’s the thing about taking risks and allowing yourself to be lead/guided by the your higher-self. Sometimes your higher-self has plans for humility or other lessons that may be for your evolution.

I’ve heard the classes I teach have helped awaken many to their own joy, and for me – It’s helped me to overcome my old baggage and travel forward in life with fearlessness. So, I call upon my practice now. I need to jump up and down in my own living room and scream and shout and let it all out – before I do that in all the other living rooms that will be dancing with me.

Can’t still say what it’s called cause we’re working on the title and all that. It’s a great channel with lot’s of great things to offer. I’ll be able to tell you soon…
So I am in surrender to this moment. I am asking for guidance and support from you my higher-self, angels and masters. Please just allow me to serve in the best way possible for the highest good of all.

Now, on to the training I need in my body to be ready for shooting 39 episodes in a month…









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