[Shakti Happened] Dreams are coming true

One of the most exciting things that happened this past week was that I taught at the Yoga Journal Event Live in Coronado (San Diego).

I used to dream of being able to go to these conferences and being amongst all theses incredible teachers, sickness just to learn, case and now I’m in the pool with them. What?!

Dreams are coming true and came true for me this weekend in Coronado.

For years, I have admired Sally Kempton who wrote Discovering Shakti. This past weekend in Coronado, I had the honor to sit next to Sally at the Yoga Journal staff banquet. Her depth of insight into the feminine and the very real needs in the broader yoga community at this time were profound. We talked for several hours on these and other meaningful topics. I came away from the conversation with incredible inspiration.

20160625_211205Sally talked about the need for the yoga community to get in touch with the deeper teachings of yoga, namely how the physical is a manifestation of the spiritual. She told me a beautiful story about writing a Yoga Journal column for years that impacted readers along this vein. And, of course, she and I conferred about the global experience of Shakti and how individual women are deriving energetic shifts through Shakti.

That shift in energy related to Shakti is THE key component in my Enlightened Lifestyle program. The program guides us to have this shift, this gift, this lift for ourselves.

I want this for all of us!!

I welcome you to join us for our next round which begins July 25th: Enlightened Women ~ Lifestyle Program: Healing within is where we Begin…

Do you wonder how to stay spiritually self-connected despite the daily worries and heavy to-do lists?

Come, let me show you how to bring satisfying balance and create a passionate lifestyle for yourself.

I’m inviting you to apply for this awesome place to be…we begin soon…summer school anyone…?

And if you are already teaching and/or want to bring more dynamic practice of Yoga, dance, Goddess wisdom, mudras, and mantra into your life, join us for the Advanced Empowerment Certification Program: Kundalini Dance-Yoga Training, begins July 10th.

Let the light/sun shine within you. It’s time!

Bright light and warm hugs,