I see that I wrote in a tone that was not compassionate, and I simplified something I don’t entirely understand.
I am hearing many stories, cases of antidepressants being helpful. I understand more as I learn. This is a huge research project, that I’m diving into, and getting more educated as we go along. I am aware that depression is something that is not entirely understood even medically as of yet.
I want to thank all the expressions of truth, and support for all sides of this subject.

This blog I wrote, ‘yoga teachers on antidepressants’ had that effect.
My intention was not to upset people, it was to inspire you to try some practices as a way to get through depression. My writing is not meant to criticize someone who has depression, or even shame someone who is on medications. Through my own ignorance and lack of understanding, I unconsciously insulted mental illness and it’s severity.

I never intended to make a judgmental statement or be harmful to anyone.  To me, in my own misunderstanding, I was making a statement for being a yoga teacher, and my own personal struggle right now.
It truly wasn’t to be prejudice in any way, but now I totally understand why many of you felt that it was.

I wanted to express this: As a yoga teacher, I am looking to dive into the pain, or joy and experience it so it can lead me to the lesson of it. I had concerns that these medications numb us and don’t really allow growth spiritually if we are suppressing the emotions. My writing is meant to remind myself and fellow yoga teachers of the power of the practice itself. And this is the essence of what I meant to communicate. But, I get it – I was condescending.
I can see how it was written in a sense of arrogance, that I had all the answers and I was better than you. I apologize about this, as I am not better than anyone.

I am hearing many stories, strong cases for the need of antidepressants. I understand more as I learn. I hear that there are times when things are really challenging to the point of possible death, and I see that the medications can help.

Some of the responses I received brought to my attention that whether I intended to or not, I had crossed a line and tainted my name and brand by acting as an expert in the field of depression or ‘getting off meds’.
This was not my intention.
I am a yoga teacher. The practice teaches unity, not separation.
I wholeheartedly apologize for my poor choice of words and ignorance about how those words might mean to you and how deeply they would affect you.

I will be diving into research and the reality of depression, sharing what I find along the way. I will use this blog as a platform for that information as I find it.

I hope you can understand the mistake I made and forgive.