Not just making polite conversation here.

How are you? No really. I’m now just making polite conversation here. How are you at your core? How do you feel lying in bed at night? Deeply satisfied?
I’m asking because I’ve been thinking about women who are strong, and caring who give everything they have to make the lives of those around them better; women who show up loving and powerful, scattering light to the people close to them.
But what about YOUR life? Are you giving that same amount of care and attention to yourself?
Here are two simple signs that you’ve just been going through the motions:
When someone asks you how you are doing, you immediately answer “good,” without even thinking, because “good” has become your default answer
…you’re healthy and have a roof over your head and that should be good enough right?
Life is too short for “good enough.”
A shift is happening, and it’s being felt on a global level.
Women are waking up!
We are leaning, at last, into our gifts, our essence, our divinity, our sensuality and it’s proving to be the game-changer we’ve all been waiting for.
Imagine yourself waking up every day feeling ALIVE, sexy, empowered, fulfilled!
I believe it is possible. If you’re reading this, you know on a deep, soul level that there is MORE for you.
We (my soul-sista, Anahita Joon and I) invite you to take part in our FREE video master class, The 3 secret keys to unlocking the unlimited power within. This new 3-part series will help you connect to and reveal your three super-powers:
The Spiritually Awake Woman – Get in touch with your mystical self and stand firm in the unshakable faith that the Universe is and has always been on your side.
The Erotically Awake Woman – Allow your divine feminine energy and sexuality to bloom so that you can be filled to the rim with vitality, and fed and nourished by your own infinite well of life-force energy.
The Warrior Woman – Take charge of your life and learn to stand tall in your beliefs, use every obstacle and challenge to become more empowered, more aligned with your soul’s truth, and more of who you are meant to be as you inspire others to do the same.
….join us for this video master class. It’s honestly more of a virtual retreat. We can feel you, and we know you’re ready!