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…a popular series of Bollywood-theme video workouts from Hemalayaa, an instructor whose emphasis is on having fun…” NY Times, May 10, 2012

Hemalayaa will…shake you out of a bad mood . . . if you let her…” LA Times

Full of genuine joy and delight”—Health

Shimmy and shake your way into better shape”—

A fun and funky way to burn calories”—Oxygen

Just the thing to bust you out of your rut.”—body+soul

Shimmy and shake your way into better shape”—

Hemalayaa has raised the bar in dance workout videos.”—St.Louis Post-Dispatch

So full of genuine joy and delight that it’s infectious”—Health

Hemalayaa’s Beautiful Belly DVD was voted in the top 10 best DVD’s by Fitness magazine 2009

Hemalayaa, creator of The Bollywood Dance Workout DVD, promises it’ll make you smile!” Woman’s World


Written articles in Periodicals about Hemalayaa…

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