Honey Pot Meditation and Bee Medicine

Bees   I just had an incredible experience. Thousands and thousands of bees just flew around and through me when I was standing on top of the mountain here close to my home. I had just finished my Taoist exercises, as soon as I took my last breath, opened my eyes, there was the hugest swarm of bees all around me. I was on a hill top with a 320 degrees view of the hills, including the Hollywood sign. The Bee’s were flying from one direction of mountain to another. I mean thousands! It was as if they flew ‘through’ me. I could feel them on my skin but barely and no stings. It was an incredible feeling. I crouched down to get out of their way and witness them flying around me. There was so many that it took about 1-2 min for them to pass. It was a phenomenon in my experience, and I feel it was the medicine I needed.

I didn’t remember until after the experience that the Taoist expercises I was doing before the bee’s came includes a visualization of my inner “honey pot”. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or some kind of sign, but whatever it was, I feel clear it was a gift.

I looked up bee medicine. It’s totally in line with what I was sharing about my desire to create a deeper connection with my community here in Los Angeles – I said it this morning! Also I’m having deep healing with my family (or origin and chosen) right now, and I will receive this as a confirmation that we are uniting like the Bees.

Here’s ‘Bee Medicine’ according to Native Americans:

“MEANING: Hard Work, Community, Communication
Bee People are learning to be diligent, industrious and to work cooperatively within their own community. Bee may have come to you regarding the community of your family, co-workers or humanity.

Bee serves a very important purpose for the environment as a whole by pollinating flowering plants; therefore they are called pollinators, which means they transfer pollen from the stamen of a flower to the tip of the flower. Their treat is the nectar within the plant. Their role is vital to the environment. There are some types of bees that may be solitary, although most bees live in various sorts of communities (families). The most advanced colonies are found among the honeybees and stingless bees.

When Bee medicine grabs your attention it is reminding you to work within your community or family and to do your part. Bee is a hard-worker and each Bee is dependent on the next to support the entire hive community. Bee is mostly concerned with the needs of her intricate hive family. The bee community runs easily and effortlessly due to the perfected communication between all of its members by way of the “waggle dance” or “dance language.” Bee will communicate what she has found in the flowering plants to other bees in order to recruit worker bees of the hive to forage in the same area.” Taken from this website.

This, to me, is a confirmation that nature and the elemental kingdom are one of our greatest healers.
Ask, listen and you will receive your answers.









The Honey Pot Meditation:




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