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Enlightened Lifestyle Programs are nourishing for heart centered women seeking their full selves, being more than ENOUGH, and living the life they love. Through the Enlightened Lifestyle programs, trainings, live events, and our emails, we educate and inspire thousands of women out of trauma and self-sabotage into embodying true self-confidence, expressing themselves FULLY, having the freedom and intimacy to love every day, and be more in joy more of the time – in life AND in relationships.



8 week ONLINE course


If you’re ready to come home to true yourself –– at least, admit that what you’ve been doing so far hasn’t worked or has kept you from the lifestyle you know you’re capable of, this mini-course is the next natural step for you.

It’s perfect for you if …

You’ve been struggling to lose weight and can’t get motivated enough to just move.


You’ve tried therapy, diets, workouts, running on a hamster wheel, and none of it worked, or was sustainable.


You want/need to be guided and shown how you can do this for yourself, everyday, effortlessly.

This introductory course delivers about 10 hours of content, videos, fun exercises, secrets and meditations. You get simple, step-by-step exercises that you can take and apply into your own life right away to get out of your own way, and be passionate about sharing your talents and gifts with the world.

Regardless of where you are currently in your life –– whether you love it or you’re totally frustrated and uninspired by it, this course will help you start using the full capacity of your greatest gifts very consciously, in a way that will impact you and so many others.

This unique health and wellness immersion is designed for participants of all levels. The program follows a three-point process that includes:
~ Mind Balance: Re-setting the mind through sacred mantras and affirmations, emotional release techniques, pranayama (breath-work) and writing exercises.
~ Indian Dance: Integrating Punjabi Bhangra dance and world dances that abundantly promotes a positive and delightful attitude.
~ Meditation: Guided meditations include creative visualization, chakra energy expanding techniques, concentration techniques for increased productivity.

Overall participants will receive practical tools for greater awareness, improved well- being and is entirely concerned with establishing ourselves in happiness, the very essence of our true being.



The secret to living-a-life-you-love-having-all-your-dreams-coming-true lifestyle is all about getting in touch with your Enlightened Woman.

Do you wonder how do I stay spiritually self-connected despite my daily worries and heavy to-do lists?

This special 8 week health and wellness immersion empowers women to overcome mental obstacles, increase confidence, improve their physical relationship with their body through a diverse blend of artistic movements and mind integrative exercises.

The intention is to create a renewed sense of inner empowerment based on spiritual values that will bring you a clear sense of purpose and meaning into your life.

Hemalayaa guides participants through a simple 3-step process that is easy and practical to use in your every day life.

More info HERE

  • Online Program
  • Includes: reading material, video & audio tutorials, self development exercises, healing mantras, hand mudras (gestures), guided meditations.
  • Private coaching call with founder, Hemalayaa Behl

    Date: Anytime you wish
    Cost: $497



A 12 week Training Program

Explore mesmerizing yogic movements and enchanting gestures of sacred Indian dance through this unique certification program. Dynamic postures, mystical mantras and breath-work are integrated along with dance to remove mental-emotional patterns that create obstacles in our lives, increase your spiritual devotion and become more positive by improving your mind-body wellness. This program follows the tradition of the feminine Goddess practices of India. Many exercises are focused on cultivating the power or shakti from the sacred tantric teachings in an authentic manner. The program also includes learning various ayurvedic restoration rituals that promote natural beautification. The training also includes the acclaimed yoga-dance empowerment principles and practices for “Embodying your Inner Vedic Goddess” which is a powerful enhancement for yoga teachers or those simply interested in personal enhancement.

MORE INFO HERE on the Actual Program, and Hemalayaa’s Kundalini Yoga-Dance: HERE

Email us at h@hemalayaa.com to inquire about our upcoming programs.

Hemalayaa Behl

Hemalayaa’s Beliefs…

“I believe in the power of inner desires. I trust the passions that keep people awake at night. These are flames, life-producing inner fires. And I believe such flames can change a single life, a community and the world.
My work is about burning away the old and celebrating the new: it is a ritual of awakening, a moment in time where you feel wholly yourself. This work is for those who want to enter a liminal space of “no return”, a space where anything becomes possible.
I guide transformational experiences using yoga, dance, movement, sound, and various healing modalities. The purpose: to align your higher self with the fires burning deep within you and initiate momentum.”

You can find professional bio HERE.

Testimonials from Previous Participants:

With Hema’s loving way…I learned a lot more tools for my ‘tool belt of life’…

I was so impressed with the live interaction that Hemalayaa was able to provide for us. I thought that the whole program was well balanced, (organized).

I was excited to get some of the bonuses such as the mantras and the healing dance. I loved that you changed up the different ways to learn, keeping the mind active. You covered: visual, reading, hearing and tactile. Very nice!

Testimonials midway through the program:

My thoughts are becoming more organized and clear. I am definitely getting things done and I have more patience with myself and others. I’m also starting to communicate more consciously with the people I care about, even with people I don’t even know personally. I feel that I even walk taller, like a true leader and with grace. I feel that things are going to get even better.

It has created some positive shifts already. I am also loving your fun attitude on the videos as well as the incorporation of dance.

Hemalayaa’s Program is physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually EXPANSIVE. Hemalayaa is such a gifted teacher.
Dawn Flores (author of The Juno Cards and Creator of “Goddess Dance”)

Hemalayaa is a living goddess who transmits ancient knowledge to a modern world flawlessly and with great clarity. She presented a total experience of mind/body/soul healing and well-being.
Prem Siri Kaur, DJ and Yoga teacher

Hemalayaa’s Program is a divine experience unlike any other yoga/dance retreat, workshop or training that I’ve attended. In addition to learning specific techniques for teaching the specialized class formats, I was encouraged and supported to go deep within my own self to shake off old energy and limiting habits, clearing the way for new parts of my spirit to emerge. No matter what you are hoping to gain from the program; whether that is specific training to become the best teacher you can be or a gift of remembering how playful and juicy life really is, you will walk away 100% satisfied, feeling more beautiful, more healthy, more educated and more in-line with your true divine self!
Lori Eiserman, Teacher

Being at Hemalayaa’s training immersion was an incredible physical, emotional, and spiritual experience. Hemalayaa’s passion, love and experience for Yoga and Dance is contagious! I feel motivated to practice and teach from my heart after this amazing experience. Thank you for your inspiration!
Kathryn Mitchem, Mother, Nia Teacher, Yogini

Wow! As I look back on the time spent with that beautiful group of women, I only seem to recall joy, support, health, laughs, even tears. We all took part in this journey for our personal reasons and ended up fusing our souls as a group of leaders who seek to find the same things: the truth and the light within us so we can radiate it to others. Hema was the essential key to this process’s beginning and end, for she awakened all the sleeping energy, past traumas, and general discomfort so we could be all present in the moment and have no expectations nor fear for the future, as she tuned us up at the same level of awareness, she took us sweetly and gently through the immersion and got the best within us to shine, letting go of the bad, she also sealed all the lessons, shared her intimate practices and left us her imprint and her liberating ways of expressing, and being true to herself as the most important lesson above all.
Thank you, words can’t really describe: go with a purpose, with a doubt or with no expectation at all and you will see all the amazing things that you will find.
Laura Piquero, Actress, Writer, age 26

Hemalayaa is one of a kind. Gorgeous inside and out, centered, yet full of life. She is so grounded and connected to the love and light that she is, it allows her to create a most trusting following of those wanting the same internal fire that fuels spontaneous creativity and joy. With her experience and integrity of her own practice she shared the tools needed to do so. Forever changed for the better and lighter in heart, I leave in gratitude.
Rachel Spalding, Yoga teacher. Age 27

You are a powerful wonderful teacher, and I learned so much about being present, how to ‘show’ the moves, how to encourage and initiate participation, how to be concerned about the students in class, how to make it fun, special and manage time. The biggest and most beautiful lesson for me during the whole 10 days was how you gracefully and intuitively channeled what was right in the moment! Brilliant!
Spiritual practice is such an important part of yoga, and yoga classes do not always teach such.
Maria, Studio owner, age 63









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