Hema Conversations


Morning Practice to Awaken the Soul

Hemalayaa talks about the importance of waking up our spiritual body every morning to be in full alignment with our higher purpose and shares with us an easy practice to start our day with.

Mudra’s to awaken Masculine Energy

Mudras are hand shapes or gestures that invoke different feelings and experiences in our own bodies. In this Video, Hemalayaa shows us how to get in touch with our inner masculine power.

Sound Vibrations

Sound is known to be one of the most powerful vibrations that we can create. It is transformative and healing. Hemalayaa shares about the benefits of sound to quickly heal your self and shift any mood.

Alternate Nostril Breathing

The Sanskrit name is called ‘Nadi Shodana’, which is meant to balance both hemispheres of the brain and release us of stress and anxiety. Hemalayaa teaches us in a very easy-to-digest way.


In this video Hemalayaa shares the spiritual and meditation practice of japa. Japa refers to chanting on a mala (necklace) made of 108 beads.

Laugher yoga

Have you ever laughed your face off? Your ass off? Hemalayaa will teach us how and share with us why we would want to.

Nada Yoga

Nada Yoga means “union through sound.” It is the ancient spiritual art and science of inner transformation through sound and tone.

Celebration Shift

How do you shift your mood in seconds? Hemalayaa will show you how, and you’ll never believe it…try it!

Warrior Stress Release

Get your warrior turned ‘ON’! Hemalayaa shares an outrageous way to come back to your strong warrior self.

Heart Focus

The heart is the center of our personal universe. Hemalayaa shares with us a grounded way to make decisions and plan your future from this center.


Making choices for your life is one thing, but committing to them is another. Hemalayaa shares on the subject of self-discipline and how to be strong.

Dancing to the Divine

Temple dancers were in devotion to God and they offered their dance as a way to serve. Hemalayaa shares a sweet practice from this tradition that brings reverence into dance, life and connection to our planet.

Moving Energy and Emotion

Don’t run men, it’s ok to release the crap that we hold on to. Women, We’re talking to you too! Hemalayaa shares the practice of letting go of the things/thoughts/emotions we don’t need to keep in our bodies and moves them out responsibly.