The On The Road Revolution List for 2014

Wishing you Super Duper Charged Fertilizer for your Seedlings (Intentions) on NYE…
…we are aligning with the New Moon!

Happy almost New Years! New MOON BLESSINGS!

I am enjoying time with the family and sending you all tons of love from Montreal, site Canada. I have such gratitude for you in my life, price truely, discount I feel blessed to be connected, learn and grow with you along the path of Healing, Empowerment, Movement & Ayurveda: H.E.M.A.
Check out pics of highlights of this year….below…

This year begins with a new moon on January 1st, which is a potent time for planting resolutions and marking personal revolutions!

Beginning my revolution list:

#1. Create more nourishing relationships in my life.

#2. Eat only until full, and moderation is key.

#3. When I do overindulge in sugar, gluten or anything else that affects me poorly, I cleanse and release, forgive and remember to not do that again!

#4. I’m committed to forgiving myself (and others) through everything. Easier said than done, it’s happening, all practice.

#5. To love unconditionally, and give more of myself to the practice of loving.

#6. Cherish the moments with the people in my life, intimately. Less cell phone distractions (when we’re together) and more face to face intimate connecting. Listening and sharing authentically.

#7. Believe that God / guides are with me always, and trust that I am safe.

#8. Expand my capacity for happiness continuously, so that I am in this natural state more often. The sabotaging behaviors fall out of my life easily as happiness exists progressively.

#9. Share the practices I am embodying (ayurveda, yoga, meditation, love, laughter…) through my writing, social media, verbally, multimedia…etc…

#10. Acceptance of myself and everyone else!

Highlights from 2013:

Laughing in Chicago with dear friends! Geeta’s birthday celebration…!

Shot 52 episodes of Bolly Blast in NYC!


HEMA Wellness Program Los Angeles 2013!

Puja for Saraswati Devi for my birthday.

Quality time with my baby sis, before she left for university…I did her make up for a party she was going to…I’m aux natural, and in pajamas…

Co-hosted my first talk show with Laurie Dhue on a show called “Over the Hump”, the show was on “sex” that day…it was fun!

Dear friends Alice Bracegirgle and Rose Robles!

Omega Institute, a retreat I lead ended with us women hugging a Grandmother tree.

Graduate Queens from the “Queen within each Woman” retreat at Omega this year!

Bhaktifest Rocks!


Sophia Conference in San Diego is seriously a treat every year!

Sweet friend Lara who made me come out to this epic party in Toronto!

Soft singing moment with Kelly Kamm of Happy Buddha (in Goshen) when she came to Los Angeles to Yoga Rock Studio.

VASA retreat with my teacher Jeffrey Armstrong!


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