Ever feel like you’re screwing everything up?

Ever feel like you’re screwing everything up?
I’ve had this feeling ever since I can remember. I even felt that my parents divorcing was because I screwed up somehow. Even though logically it sounds silly, It was very real for me.

I carry perfectionistic tendencies deep in my system which cause me to feel as though I’m screwing things up if I don’t “get it right”.

It shows up most when communicating with the loved ones in my life. Intimate communication is an ‘edge of growth’ (which means I have room to grow in my personal development in this area).
I tend to hold back in my true communication to be the “cool girl” and not share if I feel uncomfortable or have questions about something i’m not clear on…because I am afraid I won’t be liked, loved, and look like an insecure little girl, instead of the powerful leader wonder-woman that I (also) am!

When I feel as though I screwed up, this is where I would normally go into being hard on myself, but today instead, I am reassuring myself that I am safe to be myself even if sometimes I operate from fear…

We will never get rid of fear, it’s always going to be there…We just have to learn how to not let fear ruin our lives. We, the, move forward and act with integrity anyway.

We can love that part of us that fears…It needs love too!
We can learn to love the parts of ourselves that are insecure.
We can be free from the BS that causes us to be stopped in our daily flow and creative ventures.
We can trust.

THATS a BIG one for me, TRUST. Trusting that it is ok to not be perfect.
Trusting that it’s all part of the process.

One of the reasons I do this Embody work I do, is so that us, women, know we can move through life trusting ourselves to make big decisions.

As I’ve stepped more and more into being a leader for myself, others and my purpose, I am clear that it takes Embody Practices to bring us into deeper alignment to who we truly are in our heart of hearts (wonder woman).

Did you see the movie Wonder Woman?

This movie reminds me that

This movie reminds me that we all have that special divine quality inside of us that is ready for us to be at our full potential waiting so we can serve, expand and heal the world.

Answer these questions and reply to this email if you wish to have my feedback on your growth…

1. What is it that you desire to do/be?

2. What would it look/feel like if ou could have it in the grandest vision possible?

3. What’s stopping you?

I know these insecure places in us that desire to be in confidence, full self-expression and power.

I have been in touch with this part of me, that is my unique “super woman” — the divine being, inside of me. The part of us ALL, shows us what is possible in moments of inspiration. You can call her the higher guide, inner source, soul…whatever you call her…

…she’s the one who is happiness, powerful and connected to her purpose.

We will all have those moments of doubting ourselves…It’s what we do with those moments that is important. Do we allow oureslve tobe knocked down and gow into an emotional spiral, OR do we get empowered and move forward?

Today, I had a moment of doubting myself and saying I “screwed up”…I felt funky, and stuck…

…then I did my Embody Practice which today was chanting, praying and movement, I returned home in the BIG me.

So I ask you:

Are still comparing yourself to others?
Are you hard on yourself (perfectionist)
Feel disconnected from your truth and not fully able to voice or express yourself?

Whatever it is, let’s be clear — you are WORTHY of moving past anything and more importantly, being completely connected to your awesome inner Divine being and getting charged up to being who you are in your FULL potential self.

Here’s a client of mine who just wrote me today:

“Hemalayaa has helped me grow personally and professionally and has taken my yoga career to the next level! We have been working together for 4 months and she has…helped me identify and work through some blocks I had around money, my true self and growing my business. Now, I am embodying my true self and on the road to success. I am truly grateful to have the opportunity to work with Hemalayaa, our work has been transformational.”
– Lauren Farenga

My wish for you: I wish for you to feel a sparkle inside, a clarity, that can help you get focused and motivated/inspired on your mission and purpose.

“We all have a calling, a reason for being here, there is a wonder woman alive inside of us…we just need to allow her to be the one in charge.”

Our self-acceptance, passion, power, and spiritual integrity is the way to activating HER.

If you are ready to take it up a notch in your personal and purpose and step on your path to leadership, as well to EMBODY your wild, free and divine self – this is my specialty ladies!

If you have read something here, and are ready to do this for yourself…email me H@Hemlayaa.com