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SF_300x250_2017Shakti Fest

May 12-14

I’m teaching Saturday and Sunday.

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San Diego Yoga Day Festival

June 18th, 2017

I’m teaching one class.


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Emerge Festival
June 29th – July 2nd

I’m teaching everyday of the Festival (except Sunday July 2nd)

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156239_437796909564611_469497646_nEnlightened Women Lifestyle Retreat
~Awaken Your Dormant Potential

July 2nd – July 7th 2017
1440 Multiversity. Scotts Valley, CA

Step into your own as an enlightened woman.

Hemalayaa Behl developed the Enlightened Women Lifestyle program to bring you more authentically into the world doing what your heart wants, having a deep connection to your self and others, and living your full expression with a positive impact.

This is a time to leave the princess behind and embrace your role as queen, release debilitating mind-sets, rejuvenate your body, and realign with your




“I took your lovely class on Saturday. It was a great class in so many ways – one of the most obvious and notable (because I am just about into my 53rd year on earth and still a little (?) vain) – after class I passed a mirror and glanced at myself – my face looked smoother, wrinkles almost non visible, and I was glowing! So besides the internal smoothing (spirit, body, mind, etc.) there was an external smoothing. Thank you so much for your natural Botox….oh and I liked the comment about sensual/sexy dancing but without the poles and shoes (oh what’s up with those shoes?!?!?!)

It is an amazing thing you share and thankful that I was able to share it with a lot of souls around the country (world!!!!!)”
Joanne Marie Kennell Biagi, age 52

“Thank you for another wonderful class. Your classes are unlike any others anywhere. You are such a spiritual person and that energy transfers to your students and all who meet you. I hope you will dance with us many times in the future on Learn It Live. Until then I will watch the videos of the expired classes, and today I ordered some of your DVDs from Amazon. Looking forward to more classes.”
Mary, age 70

Read more testimonials here.

Private coaching/training sessions with Hemalayaa is available in person or Skype. Contact Hemalayaa here.





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