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 Turn it UP! Summer Tour 2017

Yoga, Dance + Music

Hemalayaa + DTO: Turn it UP!
Summer Tour 2017

Shakti Fest
Joshua Tree Retreat Center
May 13th-14th 2017

Lightning in a Bottle ~ LIB
Bradley, CA
Memorial Day Weekend
May 27th-28th

The Grateful Yogi
6070 South Rainbow Blvd #4
Las Vegas, NV
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June 8th. 7:30 pm – 9 pm

Soul of Yoga
San Diego, CA
June 17th 7pm – 9pm

Aug. 19, 7-9pm
Location: The Soul of Yoga
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Bhakti Fest
Joshua Tree Retreat Center
Sept 7th – 10th
When: Sept. 7-10
Bhakti Fest 2017 –
Location: Joshua Tree, CA.

✅ Thur 9/7 from 2pm – 3:30pm
✅ Friday 9/8 from­­­­­­­­­ 4pm – 5:30pm
✅ Sat 9/9 from 5pm – 6:30pm
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EMBODY Women’s Conference
Wanderlust Hollywood Conference
Hollywood, CA
Sept 30th


















“I took your lovely class on Saturday. It was a great class in so many ways – one of the most obvious and notable (because I am just about into my 53rd year on earth and still a little (?) vain) – after class I passed a mirror and glanced at myself – my face looked smoother, wrinkles almost non visible, and I was glowing! So besides the internal smoothing (spirit, body, mind, etc.) there was an external smoothing. Thank you so much for your natural Botox….oh and I liked the comment about sensual/sexy dancing but without the poles and shoes (oh what’s up with those shoes?!?!?!)

It is an amazing thing you share and thankful that I was able to share it with a lot of souls around the country (world!!!!!)”
Joanne Marie Kennell Biagi, age 52

“Thank you for another wonderful class. Your classes are unlike any others anywhere. You are such a spiritual person and that energy transfers to your students and all who meet you. I hope you will dance with us many times in the future on Learn It Live. Until then I will watch the videos of the expired classes, and today I ordered some of your DVDs from Amazon. Looking forward to more classes.”
Mary, age 70

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