Enlightened Women ~ Lifestyle Program

Enlightened Women ~ Lifestyle Program

8 – Week Online Program

This is a fully self contained,  go at your own pace,  program with TONS of support along the way!

Healing Within Is Where We Begin!


My Dear Sisters!

It’s time to nurture yourselves and be guided with the Enlightened Women Lifestyle Program.

~ Step into being who you are beneath this overwhelmed, fragmented and disconnected woman you appear to be right now. ~

~ Are you done with being exhausted and driven at the same time?

~ Do you compare yourself to other women, and they seem to have something you don’t?

~ Are you easily distracted, find yourself procrastinating, or just plain avoiding the steps necessary to live your purpose?

~ Are you ready to speak your truth, be fully self-expressed and connected in your personal and career life?

This special 8-week program is a health and wellness immersion that empowers women to overcome mental obstacles, increase confidence, improve your physical relationship with your body through a diverse blend of artistic movements and mind integrative exercises.

The intention is to create a renewed sense of inner empowerment based on spiritual values that will bring you a clear sense of purpose and meaning into your life.


I guide you through a simple 3-step process that is easy and practical to use in your everyday life.

What if you could:

~ Put your time and energies into where you desire instead of the many distractions that may pull you away.

~ Save time and find freedom from chasing the “perfect you” by becoming your own healer and being healed.

~ Be in your whole state of being and connect with all aspects of yourself. 

 My vision and deep inner desire is to build a community of strong female leaders. These leaders have discovered their highest potential and are guiding themselves and others into greatness. 

Invest in Yourself Today! 

In this 8-week course, I guide you in reconnecting with your true self, the one that “knows” and is confident and powerful.

We will practice sitting in both the masculine and feminine energies to bring about healing and return to your life’s specific purpose. You are worthy of living up to your highest potential and it is my purpose to help empower you as you return to the wisdom that is held within your soul.

On this journey, you will join me in various breathing, dance and other movement techniques to transcend any negativity into powerful intentions. You will reconnect with your highest self and gain mastery in your connection to source at all times.


This program is idea for women who are ready to take the next step, and want encouragement, and the tools to step forward into the path of purpose, and your soul’s calling.


For the past 16 years, I’ve been traveling the world teaching and sharing my techniques and ancient secrets with other women, leading them to unleashing their inner Queen, rule their Queendom with bold confidence, sharing their unique gifts with the world, and now I want to share it with YOU.

~ I’m deeply passionate about this program. I believe in it, live by it and want it to be accessible to all. ~

I am ready to invest in myself!

In this program, I will also guide you in reconnecting with the crone. The crone is feminine wisdom, the wise elder that is held within each one of us. In each woman lives: the crone, the inner child, and the sensual mother goddess. I welcome you to join me as we reunite these three archetypes and harness the power of the crone to step into being a queen.

This is a time to leave the princess behind as you reconnect with your true self and cultivate your purpose and power. During the program you will tap into the innate wisdom and power.

What You Get In This AMAZING 8 – Week Program:

Each week, for 8 weeks, a focus will open and release for you to study (at your pace) and implement in your life.  We open each week to you so you take the time needed to absorb each lesson and focus on the message of that week.

Within each week there is space to write questions, comments, concerns, share wins or just a safe space to express how you are feeling.  In this space I will respond with love, support and suggestions to keep support you on this journey of discovery and healing.

You will also receive the support of a community of women!  Those on a transformation journey just as you are!

~ 8 weeks you are lead through an online program facilitated by me!

~ You will receive a new lesson each week, for 8 weeks

~ 30 Minute Private coaching/consultation call with Hemalayaa ($350 value)

~ Weekly meditations

~ Interviews with Hemalayaa – Weight loss, Relationships, Sex, Detox

~ Ability to ask questions and receive answers right in the program!

I have broken down these techniques and teachings down in a way that makes them both approachable and attainable. One specific lesson each week for you to focus on and implement.

This program is ready to go!  It will allow you to begin now, or save it for a group to do together. You choose your pace.

~ I facilitate a transformative experience that can produce a radial, positive shift in your life that you can sustain on your own once you have completed the program. ~

Whatever you choose, make it an empowering choice!
Love, and honored to serve you!

Here’s some testimonials from our past participants:

“With Hema’s loving way…I learned a lot more tools for my ‘tool belt of life’…”
“I was so impressed with the live interaction that Hemalayaa was able to provide for us. I thought that the whole program was well balanced, (organized).”
“I was excited to get some of the bonuses such as the mantras and the healing dance. I loved that you changed up the different ways to learn, keeping the mind active. You covered: visual, reading, hearing and tactile. Very nice!”

Words midway through the program:

“My thoughts are becoming more organized and clear. I am definitely getting things done and I have more patience with myself and others. I’m also starting to communicate more consciously with the people I care about, even with people I don’t even know personally. I feel that I even walk taller, like a true leader and with grace. I feel that things are going to get even better.”
“It has created some positive shifts already. I am also loving your fun attitude on the videos as well as the incorporation of dance.”
Email me back with any questions to: h@hemalayaa.com