Embody Program 2018

Embody, a leadership Program to Activate and Expand your Feminine Power

I’d like to guess something about you

I’m guessing that you have always felt a deep, inner knowing that there was more for you…

As a child, it may have confused you. You may have felt that you didn’t fit in. At times, you may have wished you could just be like other girls, happily focusing on trivial things without a care in the world!

But as you evolved into a strong and intuitive woman, you finally got it.

Different was a blessing.

Now you understand that the difference you always felt was not a negative stroke of bad luck, but a Divine assignment to see more, to explore the depths, to stand as an exemplary model of feminine power, passion and purpose.

And yet even now, the way to fully expressing that has eluded you.

Good news!

EMBODY was created in a partnership between my soul and Source (the Feminine Divine) energy specifically for women like you.

Women who KNOW they are meant to lead and are ready to have the path illuminated for them, step by step.

There are no coincidences. If you landed on this page…

This is your time, this is your path.

Maybe you…

  • Want to serve others and improve lives but the details are blurry…
  • Have a desire to feel more connected to your inner spirit, but there’s static on the line…
  • Have a tendency to doubt yourself, your gifts, and your place as a leader, and feel a bit…disheartened or ashamed when you see others bravely stepping into the spotlight. (That’s great by the way. That feeling of discontent is information telling you that you are READY to take your place in the spotlight too.)
  • Want to connect with like-minded women and be a part of a community of visionaries and action takers!
  • Will only accept something into your life if you know it will help you create deep-rooted change…because mediocre living is so not your thing anymore…
  • Are ready for the most expansive, soul-shifting transformation you’ve ever had… because life is too short for “fine.”

These feelings of restlessness are a sign of awakening! A nudge from your spirit to tell you that it’s time to stop living on the fringe of what’s possible for you and FULLY EMBODY the life you were meant to live!


And when you commit to opening the door and allowing yourself to be guided step by step towards your personal destiny, the restlessness fades, and in its place, total fulfillment, passionate living and embodied joy!


But why should you listen to me?

Because I’ve been there. I felt like I’d never get to a place where I loved what I was doing and felt like I could take care of myself financially.  Growing up, I never learned what it meant to feel purposeful, to handle finances, to confidently advance in the direction of a broad and expansive goal.


Straight outta high school, I decided not to go to college and instead to find out who and what I truly was. I finished high school when I was eighteen years old, turned nineteen a week later, and moved across the country by myself with $50 in my pocket.


Unlocking true human potential was my ‘major’ in the “University of Life.”  Again, the key for this discovery was an inner listening. You could call it following the heart. I experienced it as a playground of trust.



So there I was – going from vocation to vocation in my late teens and early twenties, trying on jobs for the money, the experience, the status, the healing, etc. Some of the courses I took in this Real Life University were: waitressing 101 (which I failed); actress (which I loved, but there weren’t many jobs for Indian gals at the time); retail sales rep (rocked it!); office jobs (no comment); exotic dancer (yup, I did that), selling vacuums (Kirby baby), phone-sex professional (don’t ask), designer, hand reflexologist (no, this was not hand-jobs), massage therapist, yoga teacher, and now, for the past eighteen years, a women’s coach and Transformation Facilitator.


How did I go from job-hopping to rocking a life I love as a woman, conscious leader and successful entrepreneur? I immersed myself in the EMBODY practices that combine ancient wisdom with modern feminine power habits designed to fully unleash the potential within.


I’m no billionaire, but I looooooooove what I do, and I make money, manage it and rock out the transformational work! I wake up every day massively grateful and excited about what I do.


To me? THIS is living.


And it’s not just me. Read what other women had to say about their experience!


“This Program is a divine experience unlike any other retreat, workshop or training that I’ve attended. I was encouraged and supported to go deep within my own self to shake off old energy and limiting habits, clearing the way for new parts of my spirit to emerge. No matter what you are hoping to gain from the program; whether that is specific training to become the best teacher, speaker, healer, leader you can be or a gift of remembering how playful and juicy life really is, you will walk away 100% satisfied, feeling more beautiful, more healthy, more educated and more in-line with your true divine self” 

Lori Anne Anahata, Teacher


The most valuable thing that I learned is that I was being called to shift myself just a little more to the “right” so to speak. That little dial turn was big enough to have me see clearly everything that is not serving me and those things that are keeping me from stepping into my truest power. The coaching with you was the thing I needed to end what’s been a very tumultuous relationship that I have been holding onto out of fear, insecurity etc. Freedom Franklin


So you see, I’m not just hoping it will work for you. I can say with total confidence that if you allow yourself to be guided through these steps, your life will change.


In fact, here are my promises to you!



~ Awaken your Spiritual Integrity – You will connect with your mystical self, forming a bond with your Inner Spirit that will guide you from that moment through the rest of your life! You will strengthen the unshakeable trust between you and Source.


~ Be alive with Passion – You will sexually and sensually blossom to feed and nourish yourself in the world around you. You will embody your powerful life force to maintain your strength, hold fast to your values and manifest your deepest desires.  


~ Own your Value – You will take charge of your life and learn to grow your financial foundation, (which is very important for women) and learn to believe in yourself and your convictions.  You will be empowered by every obstacle and will face life with courage, love and action. No more indecision. Total clarity and confidence!



What if I can’t make the calls or retreats?? No problem. Embody Leadership Program is accessible from anywhere in the world, and all content will be recorded.


You will activate, and EMBODY with a collective of incredible thought-leader women and will have many opportunities to participate!


What if I don’t have a clue what my mission or purpose is? Then you will be blown away by what you uncover! Expect to gain the clarity you’ve been waiting for. Expect to finally feel confidant, to connect with your deepest purpose, raise your inner focus, and be given the tools, support and plan to empower yourself, your relationships and your newly found, deeply inspiring mission.


I have joined programs before and ended up disappointed. Do you have a guarantee? YES! I totally get it. And I am so confident that this program will change your life that if you are not fully satisfied, and PROVE that you showed up to every call and did the work, I will give you a full, complimentary VIP day (valued at $5000) absolutely free! Together we will go deep to find the root cause of any abundance blocks, and custom design a plan of action for you to create and truly ROCK the life you are imagining for yourself! Why not just a refund? Because it robs you of the chance to be changed and because I know that working one on one is like unleashing a power surge and you WILL get the results that you came for.


I will not let you fail!


There is a shift happening!


The time for empowered feminine leaders to rise up has come!


This doesn’t mean you have to start a movement, lead a country or win a Nobel Prize.


What it means is that when you dare to explore the depths of your Feminine power, you act as a catalyst for the global vibration to raise!


Your action inspires others to act, whether you are consciously aware of it or not.


We have a responsibility as strong women to take steps to raise the collective consciousness. And it begins as a whisper that urges us to fully embody our own gifts, our passions, our sensuality, our powers of creation.


MESSAGE from our Team:




MODULE ONE -Embody, the Awakening: Upgrade the Operating system – In this module, we will be diving into the way in which you conduct yourself and interact with the world.  This module invites you to upgrade and shift the old paradigm, which is the groundwork for being in your full potential and rocking your life.


MODULE TWOSpiritual Integrity: In this module we will explore your Spiritual integrity, the deeper connection and relationship between you and Source energy (the multidimensional realm).  You will gather practices to support you in trusting, utilizing your power and directing it to create fulfilling outcomes in your life. (This is huge. Once you learn to connect to your own spirit and inner knowing, life gets easy. No more indecision. It’s like turning on your inner Google and ALWAYS knowing what to do!)


MODULE 3Fuel your passion: In this module you will discover the blocks or sources of stagnation that are inhibiting the flow in your life. You will be given wild (and fun) instructions that will support greater inspiration, pleasure and abundance in every aspect. You will be shocked at how much power and passion has been lying dormant inside you. This is a game-changer!


MODULE 4- Healing your Unworthiness: All of us have wounds that are in need of healing. Each one of us has experienced some degree of trauma or challenge. You will learn how to manage and release heartbreak, shame, let down, losing someone you love and disappointment in general.  This Module provides an incredibly supportive system to embrace wounds with compassion, allowing them to surface for healing and release.


This is a life-changing process as stored up energy you may have been holding onto for years, decades even, will dissipate from you and open the floodgates for love and abundance to finally flow!


MODULE 5- Value and Financial Foundation: This module sets you up for long-term prosperity. You will have a very clear embodied approach to living fulfilled and peaceful. You will have clarity on exactly what you want to create in your life, why it is important to have it, what you need to do to make it happen and the step by step “how.”


Let’s face it. We all want to be fulfilled and we all have bills to pay. You do NOT have to choose between purpose and wealth. You can have both! Together we will map you’re your prosperity plan.  We figure out the steps, guide you and hold you accountable in becoming your best self.


MODULE 6 – Returning Home to your Feminine Divine Mastery: This module returns you home to your sacred mission. You were born with a mission, and have an awakened Divine Feminine working through you, now we allow her to channel, speak and ACT through you too. Now, you will be initiated to this mission through Vedic and Tantric teachings for your deep empowerment. This module also includes relationship mastery – to attract what you want in a counterpart/partnership, and teaches how to be creating your dream relationship.


MODULE 7 – Mission Accomplished: This module brings you into the next steps from here. You’ve awakened your inner successful leader, now it’s time to make your game plan. Here, we will set you up for your full expression and leadership in the goals of your choice. This will give you clarity and confidence to step easily forward into your divine mission.


The Embody Leadership Program is a high-touch, transformative 6-month training for any woman who wants to serve others and improve lives, upgrade her own life, deepen her relationships, uncover and connect to her destiny and BE living her purpose and mission.

Embody Leadership Program can enhance your work, extend your reach, and expand the transformation within and around you.

You’ll be supported in your leadership transformation, guided by powerful thought-leaders, and other women who share your vision. Together, we create a strong sisterhood and in doing so, unleash a ripple effect of love, light and inspired change!

Here’s what you’ll get in the Embody Leadership Program:

Upon registering for EMBODY you’ll get immediate access to the Enlightened Lifestyle 8-week program as a BONUS (value $1k) and be guided to Release your Mindset, Rejuvenate your Body and Realign with what your true Mission is.

You will also receive a 4 part Embody Guided Meditation series to get you in the zone.

We believe this deep transformational leadership program will activate you to EMBODY your Leadership.


7 Life-Enhancing and Transformative Modules:

Spiritual and Thoughtful Curriculum.

I have lead and taught many women’s transformational programs over the years. I’ve cracked the code on what it takes to truly thrive as a woman in today’s society, and it involves connecting to these three pillars: Spiritual Integrity, Passion/Sexuality, Value = POWER. You will receive unique tools that you will integrate into your life to serve you and support you on your path.

Gather in Sisterhood Immersion weekends:

2 LIVE in-person weekend intensives.

We come together in sisterhood and transformational facilitation to grow together and be empowered in connection and activation.

This is where the practice and personal development of your leadership in a supportive, safe and fun environment will truly be unleashed.

There’s nothing like being together in person…but don’t worry if you can’t make it – we will stream it live for you to be with us from your home.

Interactive Virtual Group Workshops:

Face to Face connection.

This isn’t a program where all the material is pre-recorded! The energy of live interaction is too important.

On scheduled sessions, Hemalayaa, and/or our affiliate thought-leaders will be LIVE to lead the module topics, guide you in interactive and experiential exercises that will support you in applying what we share to your life. You will also get the chance for customized coaching and Q&A.

Bi-weekly Video tune-ups:

Hemalayaa and guest facilitators will lead and activate you to keep moving the blocks to reveal the inspired gems waiting to sparkle in your life. Embody Practices will be encouraged for weight loss ( a shedding of weight that is mental, spiritual, energetic AND physical).

Supportive Reminders and Practices:

Accountability is key as in the absence of guidance, old programming wins!

Because we have hectic and busy schedules, to further support you in your experience and put all of what you are learning into your life – Hemalayaa will share supportive practices and reminders to keep you inspired, connected and on point.

Authentic and Vulnerable Stories:

Wisdom in Action.

One of Hemalayaa’s gifts is combining her unique blend of traditional and modern teachings with personal experience in a way that is relatable and actionable so that you can begin to immediately apply the principles to your own life.

Private Coaching calls:

Hands on with Hemalayaa!

During our 6 months together, you will have the opportunity to have 2 private coaching calls with Hemalayaa. We will breakdown any blocks or patterns coming up to sabotage you. These are laser-focused calls that will take you personally to the next level of your breakthrough.


$15995 Your Price $3997

Embody Leadership Program non-refundable deposit is $800

After your initial above deposit, we will finance your training in 6 payments of $589

After your above initial deposit, $3497 due immediately (Get 1 month free)

DON’T LET MONEY STOP YOU! I this calls to you, let’s talk about it and dive in to see how you can do it!

For a Good Time-Call Hemalayaa!  It’ll be the sweetest, most contagious, beneficial thing you’ll have ever done.  As an emerging fitness instructor.  I was part of an amazing new program that opened my eyes to the many facets of well-being, Indian-Style.  It was an intimate and nurturing environment that created many bonds with others from around the globe.  It would also be a great experience to bring along a close friend or mother for this wonderful course to share.  I was looking for something, and this was it! ”

Kimberly Christine 

-Fundoo Fitness- 


This program used to only be available for private, in-person sessions.

But then it hit me. My mission is to help women all over the world fully embody their gifts as empowered feminine leaders.

And those women aren’t just in my neighborhood.

I see you! All over the world, every age, every background, READY to be a part of a movement that is shifting the world towards peace, love and purpose!

And as a woman, I know how easily we talk ourselves out of self-care, so I have cut the cost dramatically so that more and more women will start seeing self-care not as a spiritual extravagance, but as a necessary step to FULLY LIVING!

As we change our own lives, the lives around us will change.

Drop into your heart and ask yourself…

Are you ready?

How would it feel to wake up six months from now exactly as you are today?

And how would it feel to wake up six months from now fully alive, inspired, passionately carrying out your purpose and excited to be who you are?

It’s your turn to finally meet your purpose and your destiny!

Join us for the most soul-shifting 6 months of your life!

Wow! As I look back on the time spent with that beautiful group of women, I only seem to recall joy, support, health, laughs, even tears. We all took part in this journey for our personal reasons and ended up fusing our souls as a group of leaders who seek to find the same things: the truth and the light within us so we can radiate it to others. This work was the essential key to this process’s beginning and end, for it awakened all the sleeping energy, past traumas, and general discomfort so we could be all present in the moment and have no expectations nor fear for the future, as this program tuned us up at the same level of awareness, it took us sweetly and gently through the immersion and got the best within us to shine, letting go of the bad, it also sealed all the lessons, shared intimate practices and left us the imprint and liberating ways of expressing, and being true to myself as the most important lesson above all.
Thank you, words can’t really describe: go with a purpose, with a doubt or with no expectation at all and you will see all the amazing things that you will find.

 Laura Piquero, Actress, Writer, age 26


Hemalayaa: Founder and facilitator of Embody, an immersion for women.

Hemalayaa empowers thousands of people internationally with her unique blend of traditional and modern lifestyle programs, workshops and videos. She facilitates her work globally and stars in numerous DVDs. She also hosts her own TV show, “BollyBlast”, bringing fitness to a whole new level of fun. Hemalayaa presents at several yoga/conscious festivals and conferences. She has been featured in numerous publications and talk shows, such as ELLEN, Lisa OZ show, and The TODAY Show.

Hemalayaa’s work inspires and motivates many to live healthy and joyful lives. She is highly sought for individual yoga and lifestyle enhancement coaching, as well as major yoga event leadership globally.


Phenomenal Teachers~ Guest Facilitators and leaders will be presenting segments.

Bios and Names revealed soon…