Committed to breakthroughs, getting smacked down

scrunchyfaceMy client asked me the other day “How do you get through life’s struggles and not get caught up in the storms?” This is a question I have gotten in the past, like I know how to be enlightened, right?! I’ve wondered if the answer we are all looking for is… “Well, I am enlightened now since I’ve found this path, and have gotten beyond it all…”
Well that’s not my experience. Being committed to self-development and self-realization doesn’t mean that life has no more lessons and everything is just easy-peasy. For me, it’s been ‘awareness’ that’s brought me into some of the hardest things to see about myself. For instance, I still find it super challenging to admit that I’m wrong. Or more correctly, I am hooked on being right. So when it comes to admitting that I was wrong, I will do everything to hold my stance (still) and blame others for my choices.
I recently went through this and realized if I had just let go and saw my part in it, I could have saved a lot of grief. By the way, I hurt myself more than the other person when I stood my ground so firmly, and I couldn’t see that sweetness was awaiting me, in front of my face.
These lessons have helped me, of course, in the end (it’s never really over, the lessons just get more and more profound).

So to answer the question about “getting through things…”: I am far from enlightened, I only aspire to be in the best service, be kind while having relationships with everyone in my life, be inspired by how I’m offering, and grow to be more in my soul-self, than my mind. But, be assured I forget as I am human, and I am growing also. I do however have some very cool tricks up my sleeve on how to be in my best self more and more often. My specialty is helping (myself and) others be in our highest self-guidance (for most of the time) and coming back again and again so the quality of our life is mainly in-lightened. Yes, I lead with eastern knowledge as well as modern self-development motives, with a few kooky workshops and various other techniques we come into our present, generous, fearless selves.

We all know how to be in our most enlightened state of being. I am choosing this more and more and leading my life with this commitment intact.

Now, I have a few questions for you…

Are you afraid of deep emotions or intense feelings?

Are you finally ready to let go of those limiting negative beliefs?

Are you are a leader? Do you know how to step forward into your purpose and be unstoppable?

Don’t delay any longer.

I am leading a 4-week program (ONLINE) Enlightened Women ~ Leadership Program, a health and wellness immersion, empowering women to overcome mental obstacles, increase confidence, improve their physical relationship with their body through a diverse blend of artistic movements and mind integrative exercises.
Enlightened Women ~ Leadership Program: The intention is to create a renewed sense of inner empowerment based on spiritual values that will bring you a clear sense of purpose and meaning into your life.

I invite you to jump on board with us, as we launch this program this Thursday October 8th.

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