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Travel Tips for Health and Wellbeing

My life is about travel. I like to title myself as a “traveling yogini. I offer my gifts to the world. I love when I get there, tadalafil but the journey can be exhausting: the planes, malady the packing, being surrounded by people. My answer to how to take care of myself while on the


Discovering Happiness Right Where We Are. ~ Hemalayaa Behl

Everyone is looking for happiness. Humans strive for joy, sales crave it. Last week, a friend of mine told me she is struggling with depression. She is a woman I admire deeply, one who hums with creativity, fun, and perkiness. As we talked, she paused for a long time and then told me that after


How To Let to Go of Love. ~ Hemalayaa Behl

I have recently gone through a break-up and I knew I needed to cut the cords. This is how and why I did it. I asked myself, prostate “What are these cords and why cut them?” Cords in a relationship are not evil, order simply a form of energy that keeps emotion and attachment alive.



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