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The Wild Woman and the Good Girl

                              The fundamentalist good girl who loves quality control is my heretical wild woman’s best friend. Here’s a short tale on how this works within my psyche, here and how the two identities are wonderful teammates. I’m a wild woman. I

The Art of Living on Purpose

Your heart knows best. I find it interesting and rewarding to get recognition for the work I’m doing. I guess there are well-known inspirers of the practice in every field. I never thought that I would or could achieve fame in the yoga industry, drug nor did I aspire to; but stranger things are happening

The On The Road Revolution List for 2014

Wishing you Super Duper Charged Fertilizer for your Seedlings (Intentions) on NYE… …we are aligning with the New Moon! Happy almost New Years! New MOON BLESSINGS! I am enjoying time with the family and sending you all tons of love from Montreal, site Canada. I have such gratitude for you in my life, price truely,



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