YUM Smoothie to Perk you UP!

Have you noticed that the more aware we become about healthy eating, the more we preach to others. I know, the intentions are to share with people about things to improve their lives, etc. But it’s really annoying for those who are eating the way they are, and here we are saying things like “you

Spicing it up in Da’ kitchen!

I love my afternoon refresher, Real Masala Chai (Spiced tea). I have found when I get the afternoon slump, it’s time to get perked up. Now it’s not all the caffeine in this concoction that boosts me. It’s the medicinal spices that create a natural surge of energy and benefit my body and mind! The

Committed to breakthroughs, getting smacked down

My client asked me the other day “How do you get through life’s struggles and not get caught up in the storms?” This is a question I have gotten in the past, like I know how to be enlightened, right?! I’ve wondered if the answer we are all looking for is… “Well, I am enlightened

Cooking up a Storm, and My FAV Lunch recipe.

Things have been cooking here with my new pad in Echo Park, and getting ready to teach my first cooking class this Saturday. What would make me teach a cooking class? Well, I love food and I love sharing little ways to make your life healthier, and for us all to radiate and shine in

Bhakti Fest brings out the Best

I think with anything, if you do it long enough, it will feel like work or be predictable. Bhakti Fest and I have had a relationship for 8 years. I’ve been teaching at the festival since it’s 2nd year, and it was fascinating in the first few years, then slowly became something I just did.

Emotions are to be Embraced

Yesterday was fathers day and the day before that my sister got married. It has been an eventful time this week to say the least. We’ve shed so many tears over the past few days. The other night was my sisters wedding. She is two years younger than me, discount but she is like a

Defining Moments

We’ve all had defining moments in our lives. These moments can heal and change us, but they can also dictate our lives for many years without our consent, and sometimes even without our knowledge. My first day of high school was one of those pivotal moments. I was excited as any young girl is when

The Love of my Life is Here…

It’s taken me 22 years of learning, growing, transforming, letting go, accepting, embracing, welcoming the love of my life…I’ve been chasing something(s) that were out of my control, like a hamster on a wheel. When I was a little girl, I had pet hamsters and just loved these little furry creatures. They had it made,

Wrinkle Wrinkle little star…

As I age, I start to see my mom in my face. It used to scare me but now I feel that I’m moving into that wise woman that she is. I sometimes hesitate saying “I’m almost 42 years old (young)…” And then I feel honored to have made it this far, and to be

AyurVedic Astrologer Guided my Life to Be All That I Could Be!

15 years ago, when I began my true hearts desired life path, I was living in Vancouver, Canada. Previous to this passion-filled life, I was completely lost, and had no idea what I was meant to do in this lifetime. I was out of balance, working in retail, doing some light acting (mostly in scene



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