Emotions are to be Embraced

Yesterday was fathers day and the day before that my sister got married. It has been an eventful time this week to say the least. We’ve shed so many tears over the past few days. The other night was my sisters wedding. She is two years younger than me, but she is like a big

Defining Moments

We’ve all had defining moments in our lives. These moments can heal and change us, but they can also dictate our lives for many years without our consent, and sometimes even without our knowledge. My first day of high school was one of those pivotal moments. I was excited as any young girl is when

The Love of my Life is Here…

It’s taken me 22 years of learning, growing, transforming, letting go, accepting, embracing, welcoming the love of my life…I’ve been chasing something(s) that were out of my control, like a hamster on a wheel. When I was a little girl, I had pet hamsters and just loved these little furry creatures. They had it made,

Wrinkle Wrinkle little star…

As I age, I start to see my mom in my face. It used to scare me but now I feel that I’m moving into that wise woman that she is. I sometimes hesitate saying “I’m almost 42 years old (young)…” And then I feel honored to have made it this far, and to be

AyurVedic Astrologer Guided my Life to Be All That I Could Be!

15 years ago, when I began my true hearts desired life path, I was living in Vancouver, Canada. Previous to this passion-filled life, I was completely lost, and had no idea what I was meant to do in this lifetime. I was out of balance, working in retail, doing some light acting (mostly in scene

Honey Pot Meditation and Bee Medicine

   I just had an incredible experience. Thousands and thousands of bees just flew around and through me when I was standing on top of the mountain here close to my home. I had just finished my Taoist exercises, as soon as I took my last breath, opened my eyes, there was the hugest swarm


I see that I wrote in a tone that was not compassionate, and I simplified something I don’t entirely understand. I am hearing many stories, cases of antidepressants being helpful. I understand more as I learn. This is a huge research project, that I’m diving into, and getting more educated as we go along. I

Shocked about yoga teachers on meds.

I have taken this post down. It has caused alot of pain from my anti-medical viewpoint. I had misconceptions around this subject. I will be posting more info as I grow and learn about this area, and call upon experts to share more. Thank you for your forgiveness and compassion. Please see follow up post

Full Moon Humble Down

Have you felt spiritual lessons acclimating, but you have no idea what they are? Or you know there is a rhyme and reason for the tumble or humble down of your ego but never in the moment it’s being shaken down? For me, usually not until it’s surfaced… Of course it’s a full moon, this

Transitions, Trials and Truth!

I can’t believe its been over a year since I wrote this column. I’m not really sure what happened except the extended on-the-road-procrastination that can occur, and it did. And, obviously, yes, it happens to me too. I have just come “off the road” after being on it for a year straight. I gave up


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