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I see that I wrote in a tone that was not compassionate, and I simplified something I don’t entirely understand. I am hearing many stories, cases of antidepressants being helpful. I understand more as I learn. This is a huge research project, that I’m diving into, and getting more educated as we go along. I

Shocked about yoga teachers on meds.

I have taken this post down. It has caused alot of pain from my anti-medical viewpoint. I had misconceptions around this subject. I will be posting more info as I grow and learn about this area, and call upon experts to share more. Thank you for your forgiveness and compassion. Please see follow up post

Full Moon Humble Down

Have you felt spiritual lessons acclimating, but you have no idea what they are? Or you know there is a rhyme and reason for the tumble or humble down of your ego but never in the moment it’s being shaken down? For me, usually not until it’s surfaced… Of course it’s a full moon, this

Transitions, Trials and Truth!

I can’t believe its been over a year since I wrote this column. I’m not really sure what happened except the extended on-the-road-procrastination that can occur, and it did. And, obviously, yes, it happens to me too. I have just come “off the road” after being on it for a year straight. I gave up

The Wild Woman and the Good Girl

                              The fundamentalist good girl who loves quality control is my heretical wild woman’s best friend. Here’s a short tale on how this works within my psyche, and how the two identities are wonderful teammates. I’m a wild woman. I admit

The Art of Living on Purpose

Your heart knows best. I find it interesting and rewarding to get recognition for the work I’m doing. I guess there are well-known inspirers of the practice in every field. I never thought that I would or could achieve fame in the yoga industry, nor did I aspire to; but stranger things are happening these


Travel Tips for Health and Wellbeing

My life is about travel. I like to title myself as a “traveling yogini. I offer my gifts to the world. I love when I get there, but the journey can be exhausting: the planes, the packing, being surrounded by people. My answer to how to take care of myself while on the road: SELF


Discovering Happiness Right Where We Are. ~ Hemalayaa Behl

Everyone is looking for happiness. Humans strive for joy, crave it. Last week, a friend of mine told me she is struggling with depression. She is a woman I admire deeply, one who hums with creativity, fun, and perkiness. As we talked, she paused for a long time and then told me that after having


How To Let to Go of Love. ~ Hemalayaa Behl

I have recently gone through a break-up and I knew I needed to cut the cords. This is how and why I did it. I asked myself, “What are these cords and why cut them?” Cords in a relationship are not evil, simply a form of energy that keeps emotion and attachment alive. But these

Better Living through Ayurveda

Eating too much at the holidays is just something that happens. I am trying not to feel so guilty about it, and that’s helping and I still need some practice on that one. New Years resolution #4. I’m committed to forgiving myself through everything. Easier said than done, it’s happening, all practice. Previous Resolution setting


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