Being on the Bachlorette Show made me scream!

IMG_2431I was on the Bachlorette show last week, doing my funky style of teaching – with screaming and all.

Here’s the story of how it all happened:

For those of you who don’t know the TV show, join the club. I haven’t had a TV in twenty-two years!!

The Bachlorette is a Reality TV series: we are watching other peoples lives that are far more dramatic than ours and seeing their “reality” makes ours seem less crazy.

Now, being ON a reality TV show is whole other experience.

When I got the invite to be on the Bachlorette show, I was hesitant – but also excited. I knew it was BIG time mainstream TV and that sounded exciting.

I brainstormed with the producer who called me to ask what I could offer the first date with Jojo and Chase (whom I didn’t know anything about previously).
I told her I could certainly lead the couple to be in their most beneficial, un-guarded states of being. I said I could create space for them to be intimate with each other.

BOOM, that’s exactly what I created!

First, the ‘tantrum exercise’ from my Enlightened Women programs, to bring a release of tension or any past emotions that may be stuck.

Second, guidance on how to be heart to heart with one another (literally), with a tantric practice (Yabyum), which creates breath and trust with your partner (and a really good sexual connection).

If you watched the show, then you saw how I got them into the Yabyum (posture for masculine and feminine sitting in union together). Just the “sexy” that Reality TV is looking for.

I just don’t know what it would be like to be a 26 year old ready to get married and having 30 guys to choose from in front of 12 million people…thats because at 26 I had only been on the path of seeking for a few years, I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted.

It took me many years to find who I was, and many thousands of dollars to really be guided.

Transformational workshops, seminars, yoga classes, relationships, therapy, time and financing.

Now, I am NOT saying we need to do all that. That’s what I’ve learned, and that’s what I teach.

Don’t get me wrong, there IS work to do, but it doesn’t need to take you years, and thousands of dollars.

I’ve culminated the best practices: some learned from incredible teachers, and some I grew up with from my culture’s ancient wisdom.

Would you like to know how I bring balance into my life with dance, fun and deeper spiritual connection AND how I’ve made ALL my dreams come true?

Yes, I’m talking some funky (witchy) stuff as well as ancient Indian practices for being in your Divine Feminine.

I can guide you to your most balanced state of being. And help you lose weight in the process.

The “weight” I speak of is mental, emotional and physical heaviness.

Let me show you how.

xx Hemalayaa

PS- The episode I was on aired June 6th. If you’re looking on Week 3 Pt1: Sex talk.

PPS – Here’s my pitch to you: How about a show of an older 40 something woman (Bachlorette) who lives her life with fun, adventures, and great romance. And, eats great chocolate!