AyurVedic Astrologer Guided my Life to Be All That I Could Be!

15 years ago, when I began my true hearts desired life path, I was living in Vancouver, Canada. Previous to this passion-filled life, I was completely lost, and had no idea what I was meant to do in this lifetime. I was out of balance, working in retail, doing some light acting (mostly in scene study classes and theater I produced myself), and wanted to move to LA but had been denied at the border a few years prior to this moment. I knew acting wasn’t fulfilling me, but I certainly loved to shift audiences to more vibrant moods. I knew I had more to share in this world, through my rich life experiences.
At that point in time, I had started practicing yoga for a few years and I didn’t know I wanted to study and learn more, until I met Jeffrey Armstrong. Jeffrey was doing a talk one night about the yogic lifestyle and I found something that I was finally interested in learning – he became a teacher and I found a sense of ‘home’. I started volunteering with his organization. Also at this time I also had my first Vedic (Eastern) Astrology reading which rocked me and changed my whole life. It was amazing that Jeffrey knew things about me and my past lives that all made sense to me. He gave me such great direction that has helped me to this day. I had no idea I would be serving in this way. That was 14 years ago, and I feel blessed that he still offers these sessions when he travels the world bringing ancient wisdom to thousands of people.
I’m excited that I get to see him again and have a reading. It’s been a while and I’m going through another big transition. These moments are great (although challenging sometimes) rites of passages to the next phase of evolution. I’m eager to get Jeffery’s guidance.

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He will be in LA the week of May 19th – 24th, and I highly recommend a session with him. Not only is he an incredible astrologer, he is also a spiritual adviser for your souls path.
Jeffrey has been a great support to me throughout the past decade of me serving in the ways I have been. He’s been a great teacher and guide and I am ever grateful.

He’s even freaked out skeptics on television by his gifts in this practice.
As one of the most well-known Vedic astrologers in N. America, Jeffrey Armstrong was featured on FOX TV “Exploring the Unknown” for his incredible accuracy. Armstrong has over 40 years’ experience as an AyurVedic Astrologer and teacher of Eastern wisdom. Check out this video:

Jeffrey Armstrong in Los Angeles May 2015
Glendale, CA May 19 – 22, 2015

Jeffery’s international clientele includes prominent spiritual teachers, healers, political leaders, business executives, portfolio managers, attorneys, scientists, doctors, psychologists, musicians, artists, and writers. People from all walks of life are welcome as clients.

To Book an appointment go HERE and let Sandi know you heard about Jeffrey from me – and she will send you a FREE ebook: “Live Without Fear”

“Astrology indicates free will, and unveils hidden karmas. Astrology is not just knowing about life, it’s about planning your life, taking advantage of opportunity, and overcoming challenges.”

A personal consultation with Jeffrey Armstrong includes practical guidance in all areas of your life including career, health, finance, relationships, and children – offered with loving-kindness, as well as in-depth astrological analysis of your karma, past, present and future. All consultations are private, confidential, and recorded for your convenience.

To Book an appointment go HERE and let Sandi know you heard about Jeffrey from me – and she will send you a FREE ebook: “Live Without Fear”


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