Are we meant to be happy?

Are we meant to be happy?

This ‘happiness’ is something I prayed for every night as a little girl. I would lay in my bed and felt sad about the way it was. I remember wanting this thing called ‘happiness’.

As I grew up, I still desired this but tried to get it in all wrong ways…Oh, you know, good ol’ partying, drugs, alcohol, food…etc… One night when I was high on something, I remember a strong thought (or maybe it was a deeper part of me, but at the time I thought it was my mind) “wait…this is not it, this will not take me there…it’s not what I am looking for…it’s temporary…I want the real deal”

So, there I began my search and journey. I immediately stopped exploring in this way. I began therapy, yoga, meditation, searching for ways to find out who I truly was. I heard it clearly, and from that point on – I was obsessed with the theme ‘EMBODY’. I began using my body, breath, and thoughts to visualize and get in touch with who I was under all this armor.

I wanted to return to and BE that little girl who knew that happiness was possible. I found a part of me, that “superwoman” who knows that there is a Devi, a divine being, inside of me. The part of us all that shows us what is possible in moments of inspiration. You can call her the higher guide, inner source, soul… Whatever you call her, she’s the one who is happiness, peaceful and connected to her purpose.

I learned really quick that material goods will not get me there, nor will anything external. Maybe you are still comparing yourself to others or Chasing some kind of happiness or Feel disconnected from your truth and not fully able to voice or express yourself. Whatever it is, let’s be clear — you are worthy of moving past anything and more importantly, being completely connected to your awesome inner Devi (higher being). There are, however, things I could do to feel this joy and happiness.




Human Connection


Self Care



These all would enhance my life experience. I began implementing these ideas and practices into my life. What I experienced amazed me; it was better than any drug I have ever experienced, and I am totally serious!

I began to feel a sparkle inside, a tickle that would help me get clear, focused on what I am doing here, at this time. We all have a calling, a reason for being here, that “wonder woman” who is alive inside of us…we just need to allow her to play. Our inner connection is the means to our happiness.

If you are ready to take it up a notch in your personal and purpose and step on your path to leadership, as well to EMBODY your wild, free and divine self – this is my specialty, ladies!


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