Yoga, Dance, and Travel

ydctYoga is a way of healing the body, viagra mind and spirit. It is a way of bringing balance into our daily lives. By aligning oneself with our highest potential, buy cialis we can achieve all of our desires.

Most people in the West identify yoga with physical postures (asana). While asana practice can lead you through a solid doorway into the vast lifestyles of yoga, tadalafil it doesn’t embody the complete practice. Through the practice of yoga, meditation and mantra, you can experience a connection with your higher power and most beneficial self.

In the philosophy of yoga, it is said that we are not the body alone, but individual souls, connected to the creator. We, as souls are in direct relationship with the creator (God, Goddess, Krishna, Jesus, Great Spirit, Universal Energy, Divine Couple… whatever you choose to call it).

With the HEMA practice of yoga (yoga, dance, lifestyle) an abundance of Love, beyond one’s wildest dreams, will flow through you. As a result, shortcomings, pains, and limitations are overcome.  This practice liberates us from the possible bondage and suffering of this existence.

By practicing the HEMA way, we introduce a sense of balance and ease to our lives. The goal is to attain bliss within our own personal selves, and allow our focus to move on to our higher purpose for being here in this present world, our dharma.



Some Testimonials:

With energy and charm, Hemalayaa taught me to find my heart space, a place in my mind and in my heart where fear does not exist! I want to return to this space more often. Using various Indian dance traditions, Hemalayaa guided me to unleash my femininity and power. Her spirit is contagious and enabled me to feel uninhibited. It felt natural!
Sonya Gauthier , Yogini | Executive Producer | Woolf + Lapin

I took this amazing workshop in TO a couple of days ago…and I’m still buzzing!  It’s fun, freeing, empowering, and breathtaking – literally!  Hemalayaa is a beautiful teacher, yogi, and goddess.  Check it out!
~ XO , Leigh Rachel Faithe, Actress

Importance of Cardio


I was born an athletic type in a pretty athletically driven family. My father did the famous 20 min workout everyday with those hot chicks on TV bouncing to the 80’s aerobics music, My brother was on the rugby and foot ball team in high school, and my sister was a jogger and then went on to boxing (mostly for the intense workout, although she was the amateur national champion for 9 years). I was more resistance to actually doing anything for my health or body, makes sense that I’m the yogi. I liked playing sports, being with people and the competition was exciting. Those were the things that I did that involved cardio. But for the sake of doing it for my body or looking good, I wasn’t really that interested. I did, however, want to be healthy, so I took up jogging, but hated it, then tried aerobics, and hated it because I was so uncoordinated. I just stopped trying to do anything that required my lungs and heart to pump like that, unless it was a sporty fun thing with friends. And those were seasonal where I grew up, so I did the couch potato thing, and ate as a sport.

In the past few years, I surrendered to the fact that I “have” to do some cardio activity to feel good and be healthy. I, personally, noticed a huge shift in my hormonal mood swings when I’m doing cardio a few times a week. Big difference! There are no swings, just neutrality – amazing. I have done the test for the past few months. Of course I didn’t notice in the moment, but now taking evaluation after the blow-out fact, I realize that I have way less extreme emotions and out-bursts when I’m sweating and moving my body every couple of days. I’m happier all around.

As I’ve dove into my yoga practice for the past ten years, I have dropped everything else, especially cardio or sports that were giving me some of that heart pumping action. I am creating a new definition of cardio for me so I’m not daunted by thinking I have to run on a treadmill for 30 min or go to a pool and do laps. I need and want fun with my cardio workout. I’m playing with bike rides, swimming (snorkeling, treading water, playing in the pool), jumping rope, dancing in my living room and anything else that makes me feel elated and sweaty. I feel so good when I’m playing and getting this type of exercise. This is one big reason I practice Dance and Yoga together now, and teach that way. Dancing is the big (FUN) cardio and Yoga is the strengthening and stretching aspect. Together, the practice is perfectly delicious.

Travel Balance


As I have traveled straight for the past 11 years, I know how hard it is to bring in exercise or healthy lifestyle choices when on the road. We all have busy lives whether we’re traveling or just living and working, so how do we stay balanced?

I choose things that counter pose (as we say in yoga talk for balancing on pose with the opposite) the travel depletion that naturally occurs from being in cars, airports, airplanes, hotels and eating out. Through my personal practice and study of Ayurveda, I am able to understand what my body actually needs to recover from the transits and movement that the body undergoes. Then, through the combination of yoga/dance, it quickly brings me into a state of clarity and calm. I usually never get sick or overwhelmed from the lifestyle that burn any “normal” person out with one trip somewhere.

Traveling globally, bringing transformational movement, causing waves of joy and balance everywhere I go, is what I do! I have developed excellent ‘wellness while on the road’ programs for my clients and customers.  My expertise is in shifting my clients into a conscious healthy lifestyle through easy-to-digest and do-able yoga & mindfulness practices. My mission is to bring balance and fun into the lives of millions.



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