About Me

speakingwithmicHemalayaa empowers thousands of people internationally with her unique blend of traditional and modern lifestyle programs, workshops and videos. She facilitates her work globally and stars in numerous DVDs. She also hosts her own TV show, “BollyBlast”, bringing fitness to a whole new level of fun. Hemalayaa toured nationally as Mistress of Ceremony for the “Wanderlust Spectacular Show” 2014, and presents at several yoga/conscious festivals and conferences. She has been featured in numerous publications such as NY Times, Origin, Yoga Journal, LA Times, and Shape, as well as on the talk shows Ellen, Lisa Oz, and The Today Show.

Hemalayaa provides tools to experience a balanced state of being, true self-acceptance and a passion for life. Her work inspires and motivates many to live healthy and joyful lives. She is highly sought for individual yoga and health coaching, as well as major yoga event leadership globally.


“Hemalayaa is a wonder to behold. She brings light, love and laughter to every class I’ve been lucky enough to have with her. Not only has she improved my health, she’s improved my life.”

Scarlett Lacey
Screen Writer

“For a Good Time-Call Hemalayaa!  It’ll be the sweetest, most contagious, beneficial thing you’ll have ever done.  As an emerging fitness instructor.  I was part of an amazing new program that opened my eyes to the many facets of well-being, Indian-Style. I was looking for something, and this was it! “

Kimberly Christine
-Fundoo Fitness-

“A deep, bold, fearlessly loving way-shower of women, Hemalayaa embodies an extraordinary confidence and grace that leads women to their greatest glory.  She is at once knowledgeable, spirited, and capable of igniting a raging fire in your heart.  Learn from this gifted woman and soar!”

Eva Clay
Love and Sexuality Expert
“Hemalayaa is a radiant priestess who beams joy! She grounds herself in Love and brings a high vibration to all she creates! It’s incredibly intoxicating!” 

Karynne Bose
Soul Coach


“Hemalayaa breathes inspiration and wisdom into the transformational journey, reuniting us with our birthright: balance, passion, and play. She is a reverent guide and joyful visionary. Most importantly, she walks the walk.”

Erika Herman
Taboo Food™ Nutritionist and Bestselling Author