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Thank you for visiting my site. My work is about burning away the old and celebrating the new: it is a ritual of awakening, a moment in time where you feel wholly yourself. This work is for those who want to enter a space where anything becomes possible, an experience from which there is no return.

BollyBlast, My TV Show

bollyblastMy new TV show is NOW on the air…and can be seen on line also HERE.
About BollyBlast: A TV show that is a Bollywood dance workout with health and fitness expert Hemalayaa that will transform your mind, body and spirit. Through this east meets west format, learn Indian dance technique, posture, hand gestures and expressions. Click here to see Bolly Blast TV Show


Travel Balance

travelTraveling globally, bringing transformational movement, causing waves of joy and balance everywhere I go – that’s what I do! I have developed excellent ‘Wellness On The Road’ programs for my clients and customers. Read more…

HEMA Wellness Program

hemawellnessbLearn the art and fusion of Yoga & Dance as a transformational vehicle. “I created this program to inspire us to be the most alive and in love with life we can be, and to sustain that state of empowerment and motivation. By committing to self-care and joyous movement we can move through all of life’s stresses with ease, and experience an expansion in our hearts, careers and relationships.” Hemalayaa Click here to learn more about the HEMA Wellness Program


frontpagetipsThese are the HEMA Healthy Tips for life! Hemalayaa’s passion is to be living a life full of the healthiest foods, mindful thoughts and practices, and using natural remedies to be in wellness. Enjoy these and share with your friends! Click here to read the first of an on-going series of healthy tips!

My Blog

E-diary, my personal traveling yogini journey called “Yoga and the City”. AS I travel and teach I learn so much about myself and the world. At times I’ve grasped for things to “make me happy” and at other times been run by my unconscious mind, which gets me into some trouble. Through it all I am in deep self-development and self-realization that I like to over-share about here on my blog.


Hemalayaa offers various retreats in California and around the globe. Some are women’s only and some open to all, and you can be guaranteed that all retreats are a ‘coming home’ to yourself in a powerful peaceful way. Hemalayaa guides intuitively and in a grounded way simultaneously. These are magical, transformative retreats sure to give you exactly what you need; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Yoga Videos

You can practice at home, at work, while traveling – or anywhere else you want. With my yoga/dance and fitness videos online, you can choose the perfect class for you, exactly when you need it. I’ll help you reach your fitness goals quickly and easily – whether you have tons of experience or none at all.


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